Referrer’s clinic: Dental Clinic Voorschoten

A modern practice for all dental treatments that are not performed by the dentist, such as: implants, X-ray diagnostics and periodontology. The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies. The team of specialists and experts combines professionality and know-how with consideration for the patients.


Oral Facial Aesthetics

Oral Facial Aesthecis offers treatments with injectables: Botox and fillers. Many cosmetic corrections are possible with this minimally invasive procedure. Even medical complaints, such as migraine, (nightly) teeth grinding and profuse transpiration can be treated. Injectables can enhance your quality of life enormously.



Dentist: Tandartspraktijk Prinsenhof

The patient comes first at Tandartspraktijk Prinsenhof. We perform all dentistry for everyone, even apprehensive patients. The application of nitrous oxide can render a treatment less taxing. We stress the importance of prevention. A healthy mouth is part and parcel of good general health.


General Practitioner: Huisartspraktijk Farsi

GP Farsi runs a practice accredited by NHG and combines a patient oriented approach with high quality of care. U will find a GP, a resident GP, and a general practice nurse specialist as well as a mental healthcare nurse specialist. Also, the practice features women’s office hours and nightly office hours.



Plexxus Physical Therapy & Dietetics

Plexxus is a practice for physical therapy and dietary expertise. The physical therapists have many years of experience with and knowledge of the treatment of physical ailments and injuries. The dietician can advise you on nutrition and nutritional habits.


Speech therapy: Logopedie Voorschoten

A speech therapist examines and treats problems in the field of voice, speech, spoken and written language, hearing, chewing and swallowing. We work with the clinic, general practitioners, dentists, orthodontists, physical therapists and various children's therapists. In case of speech-language development problems, we have a close contact with the playgroup, nursery or school.



SCAL medical diagnostics

Since fifty years, SCAL has been performing medical diagnostical research at the request of GP’s and other referrers in the Leiden area. As a patient, you can have several tests performed, such as blood and excretion tests, close to home. The reliable results come back fast.


Yoga Padme

Padme is a relaxation practice for yoga, massage and training. The method of working is customer oriented, flexible and competent. Classes are small and there is much attention to personal support. For the time being, we only offer yoga on Saturdays in Voorschoten.